Every so often, a business owner will need to add a new email address to their operation. Diving back into GoDaddy or other hosting company to do it can be a nightmare and a huge waste of time for a busy entrepreneur.

Most recently, a client who’s website was long completed years ago reached out to me because they had an employee move on to other opportunities. I changed this employee’s email to a forwarding email so that the business owner could now receive their emails, and added a new email address for the replacement hire. I billed the client 1/2 hour total for these tasks.

How it works:

  1. Contact me by [clicking here]
  2. I’ll reply back with an email confirming your needs and an invoice
  3. Once the email is paid, I’ll have your new emails set up within 24 hours.

My services are typically $100/hour and I prorate by the half hour.