Twitter and Facebook are already built to accommodate multiple accounts. Next is Instagram, which is rolling out the multiple accounts feature to select users as of a few days ago. Instagram first tested the feature out on Android devices beginning in November, and many hope this current test for certain iPhone users means it will eventually be available to all.

Do you have this feature? The way to check is to go to your Instagram page, click on “Settings” in the top right corner, then scroll down to “Add Account.” Then, Instagram creates a drop down menu at the top for easy account-to-account access.

Instagram Multiple Accounts

We are very happy Instagram is rolling out this feature. Currently, the maximum number of accounts allowed is five, so naturally we’d like to see that cap lifted since we manage more than that. Twitter and Tweetdeck allow users to manage as many accounts as they please (okay, technically up to 50, which is more than enough).

Since most of our clients are local and in the lifestyle/retail space, we like to have them engaging not only with local influencers and events, but also with each other. This new feature will allow us to better “like” and comment on Instagrams in the Washington lifestyle community.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram isn’t disclosing many details about the trial. There is no word on how many users are able to test this feature, nor when or if they plan to grant this feature to everyone.

Top image via public domain