Last night was a big night for Rosé Media’s sister company, Tweet the Bride. About 50 high-end wedding vendors met at The Loft at 600 F to discuss the latest trends in weddings, so it was very exciting to be a part of this group of innovators. Tweet the Bride live-instagammed the event from the @aisleperfect handle (115k followers!!!)…

tweet the bride aisle perfect

…and I took the mic for a moment to discuss wedding tech trends, such as:

  • Wedding hashtags. In 2012, only 15% of weddings had a hashtag, according to a survey of brides by and Mashable. The same survey found that 55% of weddings in 2013 had a hashtag. Stats have not come out for 2014 or 2015, but it’s save to assume that number continues to climb. (To me, it appears 100% of weddings have a hashtag now!)
  • Social Media. There is nothing proprietary about Tweet the Bride; though it lends a professional touch (crisp DSLR photos vs. iPhone photos), this service can be imitated by a wedding planner, a photographer, or a bridesmaid. Weddings are meant to be Instagrammed, so don’t hold back on sharing every detail of your big day!
  • Snapchat. I was recently at a wedding where the groom does social media for political campaigns. He figured out a way to rig a stamp on wedding Snapchats uploaded by guests. I have been in touch with Snapchat to figure out how to get this for my own brides!
  • Drone video. You’ve seen these on the web, and they’re coming to the wedding scene. A drone is one of the latest, coolest things you can have on your wedding’s audio-visual team. Just imagine how cool that wedding video footage is when it’s shot from a bird’s eye view!
  • Virtual Reality. One day, Tweet the Bride will be obsolete as Virtual Reality will eventually take over. Guests who can’t make it will feel like they are there once they slip on their goggles. Until that happens…invite Tweet the Bride to share the big day on Instagram and Twitter!

Check out the #trendsandtastings feed on Instagram to see what else you missed last night.

Top photo courtesy Bridal Bellhop